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The Reasons That Make Precious Stones So Valuable

Precious Gemstones are naturally occurring minerals with remarkable beauty, uniqueness, and durability. They are also referred to as precious jewels and precious gems. The world's four most valuable gemstones are often thought to be diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. The qualities of each of the four precious gems are examined in this article.


Why Do Precious Gemstones Have Such Value?

The following are the main justifications for why humans value precious stones highly:


  • Beauty: The visual attraction and enticing quality of precious stones are evident. Their enticing lustre and frequently vivid colours can distinguish them from more standard rocks and minerals. 
  • Sparkle: When cut into faceted diamonds, precious stones can produce sparkles or flashes of light due to their transparency and capacity to refract and distribute light. 
  • Rarity: Although this isn't always the case, precious stones are often rarer than semi-precious ones. 
  • Strength: Precious stones are perfect for use in jewellery since they are solid and resistant to chipping, scratches, and other types of harm. 
  • Symbolism: Precious stones are used today to adorn religious and royal regalia and have historically been associated with money, power, and authority.



Precious saphire stone

A gem form of the mineral corundum is known as sapphires. When extreme heat and pressure are applied to aluminium and oxygen atoms, aluminium crystals are formed within igneous and metamorphic rocks. Sapphires are excellent at bending light because of their comparatively high refractive index. They are less brilliant than diamonds because of their reduced light refraction and dispersion. 


Diamond-Shaped Stone

Since the Earth's mantle is so hot and pressurized, most diamonds mined throughout history have developed there. Carbon atoms are grouped in a covalent lattice arrangement to form diamonds.


Because of their unique structure, diamonds have exceptional physical qualities not found in other stones. Additionally, compared to most other materials, diamonds can bend light more because of their high refractive index. Further, a diamond can scatter light into spectrum colours.


Overview of Rubies

A ruby gemstone and a sapphire are the same kind of gem. Any other hue of corundum stone is called a sapphire, whereas red corundum gems are invariably called rubies. They form similarly and share the same hardness, chemical makeup, and light-bending and dispersing properties.


The propensity of rubies and sapphires to have inclusions—minor flaws in the gemstone—is another trait they have in common.


Emerald stone

The mineral beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate, which forms the gem variety of beryl, is arranged in a hexagonal crystal system with trace amounts of additional elements.


Emeralds have considerable brilliance and can bend light because of their moderate refractive index. They lack the flamboyant light bursts that diamonds are renowned for, though, as their light dispersion could be better.



Which gemstones are the most well-known?

In addition to the four precious gemstones, popular semi-precious stones are rose quartz, lapis lazuli, jade, opal, pearl, and amethyst.


Which Gemstone Suits You Best?

There are several methods to choose the perfect gemstone for you, depending on how you want to wear it. A gemstone pendant won't have much "wear and tear" because it won't come into contact with other gemstones or harsh surfaces. The same applies to earrings set with gemstones. Nonetheless, a ring or bracelet will come into contact with several surfaces, some of which have the potential to harm a gemstone.



Concluding the matter


There must be a gemstone in the vast and colourful universe of gemstones that talks to you and harmonizes with your inner frequency. Everyone has a favourite gemstone that they are drawn to, be it an emerald, diamond, or ruby. Artificial gemstones have been well established in the jewel trade for some time, but following further refinements in their manufacture, gemologists. Every gemstone, whether semi-precious or precious, adds a unique quality to the jewellery. Choose colours and diamonds that complement your style and personality to look stunning everywhere you go!