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Glass Gemstone: What Are The Choices?

There are different kinds of glass gemstone in a wide range of colors some of them are discussed below:





People having the characteristics of being loyal, devoted, energetic is considered the perfect one for this gemstone. Red garnets are used to;


  • Promote sincerity
  • Cure inflammatory diseases
  • Cure anger and discord
  • Promote health
  • Offers the wearer honors
  • Protect against the evils.


Therefore, it is considered a worthwhile gemstone.


Moreover, it is available in various colors including reds, yellow gemstones, violet gemstones, green tourmaline,  gray moonstone, and oranges.  It is considered the most exciting gem in the world. The cost may vary depending on the various kinds of factors such as variety, quality, and size. Normally you can find $40 per carat or more than $5,000 per carat everywhere in the world. 


Garnet can sometimes resemble more expensive gems such as green garnet, tsavorite is one of the most beautiful and can be assumed as the finest quality of emerald. There is also a rare green garnet, also known as demantoid. These gems can fulfill the desires of the person who can’t afford a real emerald.


You can find Garnet in almost every color and shade except blue. It is popularly identified in a deep red variety, sometimes with a brownish cast but commonly it is available in orangish brown shades and brilliant wine red shades as well. Other colors may involve orange, red, purple, violet, and pink.



Moonstone (Feldspar):


Moonstone brings good luck, especially for lovers. This stone can be offered as a gift as it is believed to increase one’s tender passion. Also, it offers the ability to forecast their future whether it is good or evil. Moreover, it protects men from epilepsy. It is also a belief that if it is hung on fruit trees, the production of food crops will also increase.



Moonstone is probably taken from the myth that people can observe the lunar month with the help of this stone.  The fact behind this myth is that a small spot is visible in the stone when the new moon begins and slowly moves forward the stone’s center. It is said that this spot keeps being bigger until the spot converts into the shape of a full moon in the center of the gemstone.


Moonstone belongs to the feldspar family. It is a clear milky white gemstone, also popular for rings because when the hand moves, the effect of the brilliant light color is highlighted. The blue color is rare to find as it is a more desirable choice for the users. Therefore, it becomes difficult to find in the market especially in large sizes.


Although they are less expensive than the real ones, they can be used in the manufacturing of different ornaments such as rings, earrings, and much more.


These are some glass imitations of moonstone, when compared to the real gemstone they are not good enough.




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