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Topaz is a colourless beautiful stone, but impurities turn it into different shades, from yellow to amber being the traditional tone. Generally, People use it for restoration, relaxation, and manifestation. Due to impurity reaction with topaz, it possesses different varieties, each with unique properties. Moreover, Orange or red is a precious topaz associated with one of the birthstones by month in November.


What Is Topaz?

Topaz comes in various colours and forms, such as white topaz, mystic topaz, and many more. This is why people are usually confused with other gemstones, and Orange and red topaz are a more valuable variety. You can also find topaz in shades of yellow, pink, green, red, and purple.


Meaning and Uses of Topaz

Topaz is a very positive and stimulating stone that promotes self-trust and helps in the manifestation process as well as trust in the universe. Topaz will allow you to focus on being more, less on doing and encourages receptivity.


Topaz helps you to get clarity on your path and your aims, and it also allows you to tap your inner resources. People use topaz to cleanse the aura, increase relaxation, and release tension. 



Types of Topaz


Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is mainly connected to the chakras' third eye and throat and is excellent for relaxation and meditation. Wear blue topaz if you want to communicate with yourself, the truth, and your desires. Blue topaz will help to connect you with intuitive abilities and your inner self. Furthermore, blue topaz is for December birthstones.


Golden Topaz

If you feel like you need an instant recharge, golden topaz is an excellent stone for you. It will help boost your confidence and begin generosity. Golden topaz will help you become aware of your gifts and attract helpful people to you.


Multi-Coloured Topaz

Multi-coloured is the best stone for meditation practices. It will also help you balance your life by controlling your emotions and shifting unhelpful emotional patterns that may get in your way.



Rutilated Topaz

Rutilated topaz is a rare stone with an additional mineral, called goethite. This stone is mainly helpful in manifesting your experiences.


Pink Topaz

Pink topaz will help you remove your resistance, increase feelings of hope and forgiveness, and connect your heart to chakras.


Yellow Topaz

Yellow topaz can improve your seeing and vision power, which is very beneficial for cleansing your auras.


Clear Topaz

Clear topaz is a type of cleansing and purifying stone. It will help you to remove stagnant energy, if any, around you and expands your thinking ability or awareness. Moreover, it will allow you to pass through the transition period smoothly.


Swiss Blue Topaz

Swiss blue topaz is often used for your soul nourishment and helps you to connect immensely with deep purpose.


Imperial topaz

Imperial Topaz is an aluminium silicate with a strong chemical bonding basically makes it one of the hardest silicate reddish minerals or gems. Therefore, This reddish-orange gem with pink undertoning makes it the most valuable form.



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