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What Are The Methods Of Creating Man-Made Diamonds?

Diamonds have always been known for their rarity and magnificence. But because of technological advancements, it is now possible to make man-made diamonds that provide the same stunning shine like just as natural diamonds. But have you ever thought about how these diamonds are developed? If not, then read this article till the very end, as this article aims to shed light upon the various approaches that help in developing man-made diamonds, also exploring the mesmerizing procedure that contributes to their production.

Methods of Creating Man-Made Diamonds


With the current expansion in technology, there have been two main methods by which Lab Created Diamonds have been created: High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). The following is a detailed explanation of the processes.


High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT)


One of the earliest approaches to creating man-made diamonds is the HPHT. This procedure includes putting a carbon source into a high-temperature and high-pressure environment and trying to replicate the natural conditions that are required by diamonds to develop deep inside the Earth. Through this procedure, various colors of gemstones, like yellow gemstones, dark blue stone, and others, can be created. The following is the breakdown of the HPHT procedure.



  • Carbon Source Selection


To start the process, a carbon-like source is chosen, like graphite. As graphite is available in abundance, it becomes the perfect choice for making man-made diamonds.


  • Placement in a Diamond Growth Cell


A diamond growth cell consisting of metal capsules gets the granite positioned in it. Afterward, the capsule is placed into a high-pressure press that can develop pressures of 725,000 pounds per square inch (psi).


  • Application of Pressure and Temperature


After the graphite is inside the press, it goes through extreme temperatures and pressures.

The blend of high temperature and pressure activates a conversion of the graphite into diamond. The procedure generally requires certain hours to days, varying on the preferred form, size, and quality of the diamond.


  • Cooling and Extraction


The diamond growth cell is taken out of extreme temperatures and pressures to cool it down.

After the diamond growth cell comes into proper condition, the man-made diamonds are extracted, which are generally found generally in a rough form. Additional processes like faceting, cutting, and polishing are done to improve its aesthetic attraction.


Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)


The CVD process is comparatively more the latest procedure to make man-made diamonds. It includes utilizing a growth substrate and carbon-rich gas in order to create additional diamond layers. By this method, even moissanite lab created can be produced. The following are the steps included in the procedure for CVD:


  • Preparation of the Growth Chamber


The setup of a growth chamber is done in order to perform as a base for diamond growth. This usually consists of substrates materials like silicon or diamond wafers.


  • Introduction of Carbon-Rich Gas


A carbon-rich gas, like methane, is infiltrated into the growth chamber. The gas is then heated to break down the molecular arrangement, discharging atoms of the carbon.


  • Activation of Carbon Atoms


The carbon atoms are then triggered by utilizing approaches like hot filament energy or microwave. This energy triggers the carbon atoms, letting them connect together in order to create diamond layers on the substrate.



  • Diamond Layer Growth


As the carbon atoms connect together and pile up, diamond layers start to expand on the substrate. This procedure goes on until the preferred thickness of the diamond layer is acquired.

  1. Cooling and Diamond Extraction

After the diamond layer has achieved the preferred thickness, the growth chamber is then left to cool down. The diamond is then pulled from the substrate and goes on for further procedures of polishing, shaping, and cutting it into the absolute man-made diamond. These diamonds can be easily found on gemstones for sale.





The process of man-made diamonds includes engaging scientific procedures that mimic the exact natural atmosphere that is needed to create diamonds. Either with the help of the CVD method or the HPHT method, man-made diamonds are produced by utilizing various approaches, permitting the creation of gorgeous and long-lasting gemstones. You can buy gemstones online these gemstones for more convenience.