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What Does A Moonstone Signify?

By glancing at this gemstone's aesthetic features, you can learn much about its symbolic meaning. A moonstone fragment that has tumbled like a large moon in the night sky. Within the radiance of the gem, colors and light shift, and the stone moves fluidly and waterily. Additionally, it has a delicate, milky aspect. A transparent moonstone with more blue or whitish sheen will be more expensive. Moonstone is a gemstone made from feldspar, a mineral in the Earth's crust.


Its unique inner composition, which scatters and refracts light, causes the optical phenomenon known as the adularescent effect, which is responsible for the mysterious glow of the moonstone. People believe moonstones can channel the moon's energy, representing the yin energy of passiveness and calm. In a similar vein, people say that this stone enhances intuition and promotes well-being. You can buy gemstones for sale from your nearest market.


What are the different types of moonstones?


Moonstones are available in a range of hues. Colorless to grey, brown, yellow, green, or pink are all possible body colors, and transparent to translucent are the different clarity levels. The best moonstone has impeccable clarity, a blue shine, and a colorless body.



Blue Moonstone


The Blue Moonstone is transparent and exceptionally clear, having a floating blue tint on its surface. The most prized, bluest, most intense rocks and the biggest and best stones often originate from Myanmar (Burma). However, finding lovely stones has gotten much harder, and prices have increased. When working with blue moonstones, you must use extreme caution because the stone can be fragile and break when put under stress.


Rainbow Moonstone


The vacant orthoclastic inclusions and textures are where the rainbow moonstone first appears, and it has a milky patchy appearance. The reflection from the layers and inclusions creates a rainbow effect when the stone draws light. It is a typical color combination used frequently in silver jewelry. The term "moonstone" derives from the clear, white tint of "moonshine," which, when rolled, rolls or floats over the stone. A natural rainbow moonstone often has periodic iridescent or painted flashes and ranges in transparency from opaque to semitransparent.



Grey moonstone


Gray moonstone, also known as the New Moon Stone, emphasizes the mystical qualities of moonstone. Since gray moonstone works best when worn, they often use them in making jewelry like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The gemstone will assist you in receiving more benefits by preventing negative energy from entering your body. You use it when you are weakening or don't have enough power. When you are absorbing various emotions, grey moonstone helps you release energy before it erupts.


Green moonstone


The green moon is still a beautiful stone, even though it isn't as well known as a rainbow or a blue moon in the color game. It typically has a light green-yellow color and seems slightly transparent or white. You will see an inside glow if you look down on the pier, similar to a full moon. They typically use a tall dome to filter off this optical phenomenon; on occasion, a star-shaped light source is on top of the crown. You can buy this stone for sale at your nearest gem market.




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