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Natural Sapphire is considered a valuable gemstone as precious to the natural diamond, known to be the birthstone for September. Generally, it is blue colored but occasionally naturally fancy sapphire arises in yellow, green, orange, and purple colors too. Jewelry is made out of natural sapphires by cutting and polishing them into gemstones.



The color of the gemstones can be labeled in terms of their hue, whereas saturation defines the brightness of the tone. Blue sapphire stone is found in a different mixture of its hues. It is located in various shades and saturation. Another type of sapphire is available like Natural Star Sapphire. The purity of the primary hue of the blue sapphire is considered as the definition of its purity. Similar to the Lab-Created Diamonds and Loose Emerald Stones are the cheap ones that are easily available too in sapphire variant.


The quality of the blue sapphire is essential. Around 15% of violet or blue color present in it makes it an excellent quality blue sapphire stone. Grey present in the sapphire becomes responsible for the reduction of the saturation or brightness of the sapphire. And hence, it shows a negative effect. The primary hue should be present for at least 85%, and the secondary shade of 15% is considered as the right combination.


  • The historical importance of blue sapphire


The blue sapphires mark their importance in history as well. According to the rulers' beliefs of ancient Persia, the blue sapphires were believed to paint the sky by their reflection. They were defined as "the blue of a clear sky just minutes after sundown" by some great poets. Some religions relate heaven with the blue color of sapphire. And in every way, the blue sapphire has wholly done justice with all these beliefs.



  • Benefits of wearing blue sapphire


If the blue sapphire suits a person, it shows amazingly observable results. The boost in metabolism and energy can be felt instantly. It is believed to protect the wearer from all the evils, hexing, and enemies too. It improves the decision-making ability of the wearer and blesses him with clarity of mind. Blue sapphire is said to improve digestion and increase the concentration and focus of the person. It calms the senses.


Blue sapphire has miraculously high abilities to remove negativity. It gets one away from fears and complexes. This gem directly improves wealth conditions. Although this fact cannot be neglected that one needs to work towards his goals to achieve them, the gem enhances the results. For people with an enormous amount of spiritual inclination, this gem improves the quality of meditation.




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