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How To Clean Your Gemstone At Home?

Thinking about cleaning your gemstone natural London blue topaz at home or want to give it to a professional jeweler to make it clean but worrying about losing its brilliance and mixing? Most of the precious stones get clean with the help of lukewarm water, detergent, and a soft brush. But for more guidance, here are our series of articles on the gemstone that give you complete direction about the care of your gemstone safely.


Know the property about your gemstone


Have some gemstone natural pink tourmaline in your home or in your jewelry? Do you know the name of them or identify them? Because every stone has unique properties with light, acid, heat, and scratching. Because of different physical properties, they react individually with the atmosphere. Gemstones can react violently with chemicals and can break into tiny crystals, crack within the stone.



Gemstone can’t bear much exposure


Some stones are hard, but it doesn’t mean that they can resist many damages or influence by the factors. For example, lab created diamond ruby is hard according to the Mohs hardness scale (use for scaling the hardness of minerals). These types of the physical property of a stone come on high rank in the scale, but it doesn’t mean it is indestructible. No, they are just scratch-proof or some damage proof, but they can be breakable.  


Gem care and enrichment


Through gem natural rainbow moonstone care, it can improve their appearance but can also react with negative interactions while cleaning it. As in, the ruby and sapphire have tiny fractures (stone breaks in cleavage direction) that fill up with the help of oil treatment if we use heat cleaning to emerald stone with oil-treated damage. The oil treatment improves the stone’s transparency.


Gather classification and rating of the gem


Gathering information about your own gemstone is typically the first step of cleaning your stone. If you don’t remember the name of your stone synthetic opal or you confuse about the name, then there are so many professional gemologists who can help you with finding out the name and also the property of your stone with cleaning treatment.


Stay away from fake jewelry cleaners


If you are thinking of giving your stone or your jewelry stone to any jewelry cleaners, then be aware of those who include ammonia or other chemicals that can react with your stone and damage it such as some delicate stones, pearl, and amber. Some jewelry cleaners are safe but some are not and you can’t trust anyone so it’s better to clean your stone jewelry at home.


What type of brush should you use?


From the market, you can purchase a toothbrush with soft bristles or extra soft bristles. This designated toothbrush won’t scratch your jewelry and clean it completely.


You just need to remember what is the name of your gemstone and what physical properties it carries. You can easily find it on any forum. And never trust a jewelry cleaner to make your jewel clean. You can do it at home easily with some precautions.




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