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Which Gemstones Activate Your Root Chakra?

Are you thinking of buying a gemstone but confused about which one you should take and with the help of a gemstone you want to activate your root chakra also? It is tough to get proper knowledge about crystals and if you buy the wrong stone then it can create problems. Mainly, the position of crystals for activating your chakras is different for every chakra. Know all the details about the gemstones that will activate your root chakra which is responsible for the materialistic things that keep you content and in a sense of pleasure, follow this article to help yourself with knowledge of these mystical stones.  



What is the root chakra?

The Base or Root Chakra is the first of the 7 Chakras. It speaks to our most essential needs and wants our well-being and security like your relationships, confidence, and desire for success or even attracting the most charming mate you always wanted. The base chakra is our requirement for physical and passionate wellbeing - and energy that keeps you grounded! It is our establishment, from where we would then be able to address our more perplexing feelings and higher thoughts. Gem recuperating for the root chakra can be as basic as setting these precious stones on your lower back. Or then again place them in your pocket while cultivating, taking a walk, or doing whatever interfaces you to nature. The root chakra likes nature! We need it to remain 'grounded' and connecting with the Earth is an extraordinary beginning.


What are the signs of Imbalanced Root Chakra?

Root chakra balances your emotions and feelings if you feel something wrong in these, then it must be an imbalance and you need to balance it. Here are the main factors that will sense you the imbalance of your root chakra. 

1.Emotional Drainage 
4.Sudden explosions of anger

Bodily Symptoms
Physical illnesses are also the factors of an imbalanced chakra. Obvious ones are:

1.Fat around the waist area
2.Kidney Ailments 
3.Weakness in the legs

How To Balance It?

To balance or open your chakra, there are several treatments to work on it like meditation, chanting, diet, and physical activity. Also, some stones can balance your chakra with the proper process of it. Below down, you can see some gemstones that help you in root chakra balance.  


Onyx stone: It gives you strength, stamina, energy. Also, give you self-confidence and help you in good surroundings with a better environment. Black Onyx Stone Connect you with the earth and protect you. Onyx gemstone absorbs negative energy and transforms it into positive energy and drains your personal energy as well to cleanse it. Connects you with your true self. 

Garnet Stone: Help you to treat your physical disorders such as the spine, compositions. purifies your blood, spinal fluid Heart, lungs. Gives strength to your bones, cellular structure.  

Pink Tourmaline: If you are suffering from anxiety or restlessness in your thoughts then balance your mental health and calms your mind and heart. Recover your heart diseases, chest pain from reduced blood flow. Green tourmaline balances your brain chemistry. 



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