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Precious Fascinating Natural Gemstones:

A Precious Stone is a part of precious mineral sometimes soft, which when cut and polished is used to make expensive jewelry and other accessories. Known for their luster and healing powers worldwide; they have also been used for a long time for making precious jewelry. Most of the stones used universally are hand cut and so the exclusivity linked with them this quality makes them very different and valuable. You can buy gemstones according to your zodiac sign.

The stones are mostly handcrafted by our specialist technician with utmost care to maintain their natural form. Buy Natural gemstones that are available in faceted and cabochons types and in different shapes and sizes. You can find these valuable stones in loose cut stones, stone strands, sorties, chips, Rondelles, carved, necklace forms, and in many more varieties.


Precious stones are also categorized into various groups, species, and varieties like Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire. You can find natural gemstones for sale available in the market.




This lovely medium pink to dark red stone is the birthstone for July. The ruby is developed from the mineral corundum that is also referred to  as aluminum oxide when it combines with chromium. Rubies are the most expensive due to their size as well as their color, with the deep dark red varieties, being the most highly valued.




The emerald has always been famous for its dramatic green look when fused with gold. The emerald is composed when the mineral beryl is merged with chromium or vanadium in the earth. The internal light and intelligent capacity of the emerald, known as its fire, add a warm appearance to the pearl. Lucidity and shading are utilized in estimating emeralds with the more profound green to greenish-blue tones with bunches of clearness and fire the most exceptionally esteemed.




The final true precious stone is the beautiful natural blue star sapphire. Sapphire is actually created with the same minerals as rubies, just with distinct ratios that deliver the blue color. it is very strong and is utilized for many types of purposes other than jewelry. There are many different colors of sapphires, although anything but the blue color is of less value unless you happen to have a rare salmon or deep pink colored sapphire. Sapphires are found in different colors such as purple, clear, yellow, green, and even orange and brown that may be utilized in jewelry, however, they are typically not common.

East International - Precious stones exporters like ruby, emerald, and sapphire for a very long time.


Dividing precious stones into these types of groups helps to recognize their composition, their color, and their origin. Precious stones also have a refractive index, dispersion, specific gravity, hardness, cleavage, fracture, and luster. Each of these qualities is necessary when evaluating the value of the stone.



Considering its natural factor, and high price associated with the stone, we have exclusively crafted 10 bead stone strands along with necklaces and many other products for easy affordability of our customers.

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