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Is A Lab-created Diamond Worth It?

You can only see the difference when comparing lab created diamond to natural ones. Because lab-grown diamonds are crystallised carbon-like diamonds, the two have the same aesthetic appearance and physical and chemical properties. But lab-grown diamonds are manufactured by man and aren't natural on the earth. In this article, you will learn the pros and cons of lab-made gemstones.


How Natural Diamonds Form?

The journey of natural diamonds to your finger and neck is long and difficult. Natural diamonds are formed billions of years deep inside the earth under tremendous pressure and heat. They travel from volcanic pipes for hundreds of miles in a column of molten rock for more than 100 years.


There are many factors to be made for perfect diamonds to form on ancient earth and be carried up to the surface. So, you can make new diamonds by the same process because they have fought for years to become unscratchable.




Because their journey is so difficult, most diamonds found aren't gem quality. This rarity makes them valuable, which will continue to increase as they will be found lower and lower naturally. Therefore they are rare and damn pricy. Diamond's word comes from the ancient Greek Adamas, which means unbreakable. The extreme pressure and heat for billions of years make it the most beautiful or incredible thing.


How are lab-grown diamonds manufactured?

Men have manufactured diamonds for decades, but only in the past few years have they been greatly used in the jewellery market. Until then, diamonds were manufactured for industrial use only and had no specific clarity, making them more attractive for jewellery use.


After the rough is made, lab created emerald are polished and cut in the same way natural diamonds are. However, because they are lab created, not rigorously cut like natural diamonds, they are generally cut with the same standard and proportion for max light performance.


How Can You Tell the Difference?

The difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds creates the characteristic that gemologists use to teel. Apart from that, you can't tell any difference just by seeing them.


Advanced testing and equipment can confirm whether diamonds are man-made or original.

A few will be referred for advanced testing. The laboratory can identify whether the gemstones are lab created ruby or original.



What are the benefits of buying lab-made gemstones?

There are differences between lab-made and natural diamonds: prices and value. Although lab-grown is economical compared to diamonds, they may not hold natural diamonds' values.


Because lab-grown diamonds need a track record to know where they come from. There isn't a secondary market for them where you can re-sell them so holing them makes a little difference.



However, Lab Created Diamonds are much more affordable than natural diamonds. Moreover, they are similar to natural gemstones in aesthetic and physical aspects. So if you are looking for lab-grown gemstones, consider contacting a premium and genuine gemstone.



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