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Have jewellery or only gemstones, mystic topaz? While purchasing it you didn’t buy any box of it and now you don’t know where and how you can preserve them? Do you have some boxes at home where you can preserve them? Yes! But you still do not understand how to preserve it and take care of it. For further information about preserving gemstones, let’s have a look at the complete article which helps you in so many ways to store them, and also you’ll get to know your gemstone’s properties. 


Preserve jewel separately

All semi-precious stones and precious stones are hard. According to the Mohs scale, every stone has a different hardness. In all stones, diamonds, rubies, and sapphire are the hardest stones where pearls and peridots are relatively smoother gems. To store your gemstones separately, you can use the jewellery box. In which, some separate stones or stone jewellery can preserve well. You just need to understand that they must not be on the same packet or space because every stone has its own physical properties which can react differently. Even, you are placing different degrees of hardness stones together they will also react differently. So, you can also store them in pouches. Also, some stones react with air, so avoid them to keep in safe boxes. Keep them in some boxes which have a base covered with some fabric. Ethiopian opal and pearls react with air and bring moisture. 


Conserve them from daylight and warmth

As you know, rays of the sun are harmful to your skin, but if you are taking your gemstone without knowing, its property can be harmful to your gemstone. The rays of the sun and light can reduce the durability of stone and can fade your stone’s colour. But some stones with the contact of rays increase the risk of breaching such as pearls.  Direct rays can disappear the colour of a lot of stones such as amethysts. 


Avoid coming in a contact with chemicals

Here we are not talking about the lab chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, potassium. We are talking about daily use of things such as cosmetic products, lotion, body mist, and so on. Because every product contains chemicals which can damage your jewellery, rainbow moonstone, even the jewellery made from gold, white gold. A little number of chemicals can react with stones and are harmful to you and your jewel.  So, it is important to protect them from chemicals. Here is a suggestion to save your precious stone’s brilliance, wear all of your jewels at the end of everything such as after makeup. This process helps you to make sure your jewel does not come in contact with the chemical. 

After treatment, use them with more security 

If your gem pink topaz got any treatment, then put them more secure. Because mainly they got a treat to improve their colour and clarity. To maintain the treatment, keep them more secure to save their strength and spark. Otherwise, they will conceal fractures. 


While wearing your jewellery, check out the locks of your stones in your jewellery to make sure the stones are not loose. If you use them regularly or hotfoot, then there can be some chances of losing stones. Also, check them out while taking them off. Positively, these tips will help you keep your jewellery safe. 



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