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Tourmaline Gemstone And Its Different Types

Tourmaline Stone is a very versatile gemstone and can be found in a variety of colors. However, chrome and pink tourmaline are some of the most popular types of this stone. There are many more colors including yellow, blue, black, and multicolored to name just a few. Watermelon is one of the most popular tourmalines. With hues of red, green, and white present this gemstone looks like a sliced watermelon.



A property called “Pleochroism” is shown by tourmalines that causes the variation of colors visible in different axial directions of the crystal. Sometimes there is one color in the heart of the crystal and another around the outside and sometimes the colors are at different ends of the crystals. With a green rind Pink center is called “watermelon tourmaline”.



Types of Tourmaline stones


  1. Green Tourmaline- The green tourmalines from Brazil were actually thought to be emerald in the sixteenth century. Because green tourmalines of the best blue-green hues resemble emeralds. Most tourmaline colors are being intense and stand on their own merits. Green tourmalines at times may actually be too dark in their saturation which allows less sparkle out of the stone.


Up to 5 carats these stones are easily available. However, flawless tourmalines are becoming increasingly rare. In sizes over 10 carats, investment-grade stones are generally of fine color and flawless. For future appreciation, they must be regarded as having great potential since most tourmalines sell at prices measured in terms of hundreds of dollars per carat.


  1. Pink Tourmaline- It is another variety of Tourmaline. It can be found in pale light pink to bright pink. This can be seen in transparent, raw, and opaque formations. It is found in association with Quartz and other tourmaline colors. They can be found in the same mines although but do not confuse this stone with Red Tourmaline (Rubellite). Stewart mine is still producing amazing gem-quality pink tourmaline.


  1. Red Tourmaline- Spinel and Ruby are priced at levels of thousands of dollars per carat. At several hundred dollars per carat red tourmaline of a similar color remains an attractive value and one that has significant potential for price appreciation. Red tourmalines that resemble fine ruby are so rare that they are almost never seen in jewelry stores and remain essentially unknown to the public. Colors like rose-red, pink, violet and intermediate shades are typical rubellite colors. The chemical properties that color a tourmaline red or pink are detrimental to the stable growth of the material.


4. Paraiba Tourmaline- To evaluate tourmaline, the purity and intensity of color and clarity are the most important qualities. Paraiba Tourmaline is the most valued of tourmalines by far. The price for the exceptionally bright colors of Paraiba command approaching $10,000 per carat. It is prized for its rare colors like Neon Blue, Green, and Blue-Green colors. A mesmerizing individual with its neon glow and radiance which makes it seems almost magical, it is considered to be the most valuable and precious stone.




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