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What does blue topaz crystal do?

Blue Topaz comes from the ancient Sanskrit "tapas" meaning fire. This light blue translucent stone was named because of its power to cool down hot or boiling water. It was thought that when the stone was put in the boiling water one could stick their hand in and not get burned. These are from the old mythology from the books but in reality, it can be related to having the blue topaz stone around you for getting the great cooling in your chakras.



Topaz Stone can be found in many colors including yellow, pink, orange, blue, rose, and brown. Yellow and pink topaz are the more common and imported colors. Blue topaz sometimes gets mistaken for aquamarine. They are very similar in color and very hard to tell apart. Swiss blue topaz is scaled at an 8. Aquamarine is the softer stone at 7 on the Mohs scale. A diamond tester can be used to tell the hardness of the stone for the more concerned shopper. The two stones also have different refractions. Blue Topaz Gemstone has stronger double refraction that can be seen through a jeweler's loop. Inspect the stone under natural light. Few imperfections should be seen. If comparing the two in pricing blue topaz should be less expensive than aquamarine but equally stunning to the naked eye.


Topaz has been around for over 2000 years and is rich in history. In ancient Egypt, topaz symbolized the sun god Ra. Ra was thought to be the giver of life and fidelity. This important role in society made topaz a very powerful and sought-after stone. In Jewish lore, topaz was the second most coveted stone for the high priest's breastplate. Other ancient civilizations thought topaz had the power to turn the wearer invisible to attackers or warn them of upcoming danger. In the Middle, Ages topaz was placed under the pillow to restore energy and ease stress.


Its healing powers include help with sleep disorders, repertory problems, mental health, and sight. Its calming blue hue can help soothe hot tempers.



Can I give a topaz ring in engagement?


Blue topaz engagement rings have been gaining popularity for many reasons. The gemstone, blue topaz, stands for individuality, creativity, and confidence in decisions, the perfect ring for the perfect woman in your life. This ring represents everything you fell in love with and motivated you to make the decision to ask her to become your life-long mate.


Other than the strong meaning, blue topaz is gracing the fingers of more and more women because of its beauty. Blue, pure, and gleaming, who would not want their wife to have such a beautiful daily reminder of true love?


If you are ready to propose to the woman you love, one such important factor to consider is the ring. You want the moment you propose to be a memorable, happy occasion that she will look back on with fond memories. She can have that constant reminder of your love and appreciation for her by giving her the perfect ring that encompasses her individuality and her creativity.




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