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All You Need To Know About Different Types of Gemstones

When a given piece of mineral or organic material has been cut and polished into a piece of jewelry or accessory is called a gemstone. Gemstones are commonly made from minerals. In the creation of gemstones, materials like amber, jet, or rocks like lapis lazuli can also be utilized. Depending on the piece of jewelry that is being created, some soft minerals are also utilized otherwise the majority of gemstones will be hard to touch. To find out more about this take a look at Moh’s scale of hardness. Other names of gemstone include:


  1. Fine gem / Gem
  2. Semi-precious stone/ Precious stone
  3. Jewel


Types of Gemstones


  1. Blue Gemstones- Blue color reminds the mind of serenity and calmness. In the world of gemstones, it is arguably the most popular color. The gemstone jewelry with blue gems is the perfect pick for you if you prefer something shiny and classy. Blue gemstone is said to be associated with stability, depth, knowledge, gravity, and power. It also marks truth, confidence, and faith. In all their shades blue gems have vividness, textures, and shades that are simply stunning for any jewelry. For wedding rings, it is also among the most popular gem color.


  1. Green Gemstones- In the world of gemstones, green has always been an essential color and it remains to be among the most sought-after ones. To anything fancy or subtle, it is a sophisticated shade that adds a splash of elegance. Green Gemstones adds up to nature, freshness, positive energy as well as life and renewal. The most soothing color on the spectrum is green and we are so fond of it when it comes to accessories or apparel. There exist a variety of gemstones in the same shade that is being used in jewelry although we know only emerald as the most common green gem.



  1. Red Gemstones- Red gemstones signify passion, fire, warmth, and vitality. Red represents joy and prosperity in China. To encourage good fortune, brides traditionally wear the color on the wedding day and local businesses paint their doors a shade of red. It is believed that red gemstones can give physical strength, boost motivation when you’re feeling down, and recharge your body, mind, and spirit in other cultures.


  1. Yellow Gemstone- From the choice of apparel to jewelry many find the tone of yellow gemstones very serene and calming. The shades of yellow gemstones symbolize many positive concepts like happiness, loyalty, freshness, energy, and enlightenment. Yellow also signifies good luck fortune as well as good health according to some cultural beliefs. Yellow ornaments can be paired up with almost every other color for the fashion jewelry world.


  1. White Gemstones- Clear and white gemstones & crystals represents the crown chakra. Overall white crystals are often used for increasing purification, awareness, meditation, and awakening consciousness to higher states but they each have different meanings. White crystals are going to be a great friend and ally on your path if you feel called to be a lightworker.



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