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4 best blue shaded gemstones

When it comes to the sphere of the gemstones, their color becomes the main reason why one wants a special gemstone over another. Various other things like hardness, brilliance are usually trivial.

If we consider the colors, blue appears to be the favorite shade of the majority such as the Blue Semi Precious Stones. Thus blue gemstones naturally become one of the most liked of all the shades of gemstones. There are, however, various varieties of gemstones that you can choose from. Mainly there are few kinds of gemstones are available in a nice blue shade:


Blue Sapphire


Of all the blue gemstones, blue Diffused Sapphire has perhaps been deemed the most popular and also the best gems that can be wanted. Throughout the pages of records, blue sapphire has a reputation for itself. It is also one of the gemstones that are regarded as the best stones. It is also known for the amazing brilliance and fire that it exhibits. Also celebrated for its hardness which is just next to diamonds, sapphire is an excellent choice for all sorts of jewelry.


Blue Diamond


It is much harder to imagine diamonds than shiny white but there is Blue Zircon which has the blue color, but then diamonds do exhibit ranges that you and I have never heard of. Blue being one of the best options, some other colors of diamonds are yellow, brown, pink, and black. Colored diamonds are extremely coveted gems for they have all the newer types of qualities like brilliance and fire, for what diamonds are famously known for, in extension, they even have the most astonishing colors. Blue diamonds are very limited and thus command high prices. You can buy cheaper alternatives like Blue Cubic Zirconia to enjoy the shades. 




Proudly referred to and has gained the reputation from the 20th Century, tanzanite offers a very unique radiant violet-blue hue. It is comparable to the Blue Star Stone. These gemstones are comparatively new in the gem world and were only found in 1967. Tanzania is the only place in the world where that’s why it got the name which is similar to the place it got the name. The uniqueness of its origination executes tanzanite, a gem more expensive than even diamonds. Similarly, if you cannot afford this then you can look at the resort of the Blue Topaz Gemstone.




A beautiful stone similar to the Dark Blue Topaz, the color of which resembles seawater; aquamarine is yet another beautiful blue gemstone. Aquamarines belong to the same family of gems like emeralds and are universally considered symbolic of friendship and affection. Their color ranges from light blue to bluish-green to dark blue, the latter is considered the most valuable. The gemstone is even available in large sizes, which makes it a favorite among jewelry designers.


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