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How Do You know About the Mystical Powers of Your Birthstones

People use to wear Precious Gemstones to make the planetary move in their favor or for reducing the negative effects of certain planets. In short, it is believed that these BirthStones can make time in favor of the wearer but forget such magical effect in the life of the wearer, it is also believed that such wearing of Birth Stones must be according to birthdates, birth months or horoscope of the wearer.

Below is the list of Precious Gemstones with their birth month which might guide you in selecting suitable Birthstones By Month for you:


  1. Aries- people who are born between March 21 and April 20 are said to be Aries and Coral is their birthstone. Red Agate, Red Onyx can also be worn in place of coral.


  1. Taurus- People born between April 21 and May 20 comes under the Taurus zodiac sign and Diamond is their Birthstones. Diamonds are very Precious Gemstones and everybody can not afford to buy them so, in place of that White Agate, Opal, Crystal, or White Sapphire Stone can be worn.


  1. Gemini- People whose birthdates are between May 21 and June 20 are said to be of Gemini sign and Emerald is their birthstone. Emerald Gemstone is also very rare and one of the Precious Gemstones so alternative Green agate, Green Onyx, Green Jade, or Turquoise can be worn.

  1. Cancer- Who born between June 21 and July 20 comes under the Cancer zodiac sign. Pearl is the Gemstone that suits them most. Milky agate, white coral, or moonstone can be worn as an alternative to pearl.


  1. Leo- People who were born between July 21 and Aug 21 are said to be of Leo zodiac sign and ruby gemstone is the birthstone of Leo people. Star Ruby and Garnet are their alternative Gems Stones.


  1. Virgo- people who were born between Aug 22 and Sep 22 are said to be of Virgo zodiac signs and Blue sapphire is said to be their Birthstones. In place of Blue Sapphire, natural amethyst, Black Star or Lapis can be worn.


  1. Libra- Who born between Sept 23 and Oct 22 is said to be a librarian and Diamond is their Birthstones.

  1. Scorpio- who was born between Oct 23 and Nov 22 is said to be of Scorpio sign and Coral is their Gems Stones.


  1. Sagittarius- People who were born between Nov 23 and Dec 20 are said to be of Sagittarius sign and yellow sapphires are the perfect gemstones for them. As an alternative to Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Agate or Topaz Birthstone can be worn.


  1. Capricorn- who was born between Dec 21 and Jan 19 is said to be of Capricorn sign and Blue Sapphire is their Birthstone.


  1. Aquarius- Jan 20 to Feb 18 born people are said to be Aquarians and Blue Sapphire is their most suitable Gems Stones.


  1. Pisces- People who were born between Feb. 19 and March 20 are called Pisces zodiac sign and Yellow Sapphire is their Birthstones.

After wearing birthstones for each month, you can really feel the magic it can cause in your life by its mystical powers.


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