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Research has proved that Amethyst Quartz has a sobering effect on the person who chooses to wear the stone. This stone is also known to cleanse the person's mind of any emotional clutter the person is hanging on to. It has also been established that the Amethyst Stone cures excessive acidity (heartburn), combats insect bites, and improves the quality of the skin.





  • Along with treating illnesses and offering corrective solutions to a variety of medical conditions, amethyst has been regarded as a gemstone that brings real, thick friends together. It is also understood that all those who love wearing amethyst would also be gifted with a pure frame of mind and bring more faith and trust in situations and people. It is one of the popular Gemstones For Each Month.


  • This stone also is given a very prominent position among the ornaments of the Catholic clergy. Amethyst has been worn extensively by bishops and cardinals by way of donning the Papal Ring.


  • To recognize Amethyst Stones from others, one must make note that this stone appears purple and could range from dark purple to lilac (medium shade) to lavender (very light purple). However, the most effective and pretty amethyst is always the one in medium color. This light-dark stone shade invokes a royal look. This birthstone has also been worn to overcome alcohol and cure many ailments such as hearing problems, inadequate sleep, and frequent body aches. Also, this gemstone is known to drastically shrink the severity of mental disorders and mind-related illnesses as these relax the mind to a large degree. You can try gemstones by month or through the birthstones.



  • Amethyst is also considered as the healer stone because this stone has the ability to focus all the body's energy into a quick improvement. A knowledgeable gemstone wearer is also known to team this stone with multiple stones set in silver, especially in an amethyst studded necklace. For intense healing, the person undergoing healing therapy will also be given an amethyst to hold during the procedure.


  • Amethyst is also an effective cure related to blood flow and breathing. Amethyst crystals are used to keep the air in the entire home clean and devoid of negativity. If you like the benefits, then you can get the Amethyst Stones For Sale without any problem.


Amethysts kept near a window are known to attract positive vibrations throughout the day and night. This practice drives out negativity from the house. Alternatively, placing amethysts in the moon will make every person in the home calmer, more sorted, and sober. Using an amethyst also increases positive spiritual feelings. Amethyst helps overcome fears related to the unforeseen and cravings for material possessions. It also helps relieve constant acute headaches.



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