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How many types of gemstones are there?

There are about more than 200 varieties of natural gemstones. Gemstones are minerals that have been chosen for their beauty and durability, then they are cut and polished and then used as jewelry. They are also known as gems, precious stones, jewels, or semi-precious stones. Most gems are minerals, but some like pearl and amber are organics. Living organisms create these materials. A mineral is created inside the earth. For gemstone buyers, durability and wearability is usually a high priority. Most gemstones are hard but some soft minerals are used as jewels because of there luster and other physical properties. Uniqueness is another characteristic that provides value to gems. All over the time gemstones have pleased and fascinated people all around the world. Colorful gemstones are supremely priced and are used and adored in many ways. Birthstones are gemstones that represent the month a person was born. These birthstones are given as presents to honor a person’s life and are commonly taken an impression of the person’s personality. As every person is different, similarly every gemstone is also different.  



There are two categorize of gemstones, precious and semi-precious.


Precious stones are Emerald Gemblue sapphire stone, and ruby gemstone. Only these three gems are classified as precious stones.

Semi-precious stones are Amethyst Quartz, aquamarine, citrine, Garnet Gemstone, opal, tanzanite, and Topaz Stone. 


White Gemstones and crystals are correlated to crown chakra. Crown chakra is commonly considered as the seventh primary chakra. As the white color, itself stands for purity and innocence. White is a bright color and creates a sense of space and highlights. All the White Gemstones have different meanings, but mostly white crystals are used for meditation, increasing awareness, purification, and to awaken the consciousness to heights.


White Sapphire Stone is very attractive and catches the eye of every gemstone lover. It is related to venus planet. This stone is a colorless sapphire and is also used in the place of diamonds, as it is very similar in appearance.

White Sapphire Stone blesses the wearer with an artistic personality and enhances his/her creativity. It is also useful in gaining marital joy. It is extremely useful for people working in travel and tourism, imports and exports, the beauty industry, artistic ventures, and hospitality. Neutralizing the negative thoughts and thoughts, and fills the mind of the wearer with peace, joy, and calmness.


Amethyst Quartz is a variety of purple and violet quartz. The word amethyst is a greek word meaning intoxicate, in ancient times it was believed that this Purple Quartz protected the owner from alcohol toxication or drunkenness. Amethyst Quartz is a semi-precious stone, and commonly used in jewelry and is a birthstone of the month of February.


Diamonds are the most popular and widely used stones in the jewelry industry around the world. Admired for their beauty, sparkle, and shine. Consumers every year spend billions of dollars on diamonds and jewelry. The amount spent on diamonds is more than the total money spent on all other stones altogether.  

Synthetic Diamonds are the diamonds that are manmade and created in labs. People often believe that they are not real diamonds. The Synthetic Diamonds are not taken out of the earth and created in a laboratory. These diamonds are also very adoring, sparkling, and dazzling similar to that of the diamonds extracted from the earth.


Moissanite Stone also has a similar outlook to diamonds with the white color. But moissanite is not a diamond. But rather it is an alternative to diamonds.



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