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Which Sapphire Stone You Should Buy?

When you start imagining a gorgeous sapphire stone, the color blue immediately comes to mind. For royalty, these vibrant gemstones have also always held special significance starting with medieval kings who believed the stones would protect them from those who seek to do harm.


Different Types of Sapphire


  1. Star Sapphire- Star sapphires have a fascinating and long history of being highly coveted and prized as very special and unique gemstones. Throughout time many have felt a special connection to these stones because their special feature called asterism lends an added mystical element.


They are often used to create large statement pieces of jewelry that are worn to show-stopping effect because many of the largest sapphires ever discovered have been star sapphires. Star sapphires seem to be more reminiscent of the earth they came from and are easy to be a fan of.


  1. White Sapphire- The colorless sapphires are white sapphires. When the crystal is forming, a sapphire receives its color from the trace elements present within the earth. They are completely untouched by trace elements this is why white sapphires are quite rare. As they are less expensive and very durable white sapphires are excellent alternatives to diamonds for engagement rings.


  1. Blue Sapphire- If you are really looking for an authentic and genuine Blue Sapphire stone then you should know its features such as it has a profound blue color, little but violet color essence. If we see it from different angles it looks in a different color is another property of blue sapphire. This is the symbol of loyalty, affection, and assurance towards a relationship which means it boosts the romance in the wearer life. In the relationship, it enhances calmness and psychological equilibrium so they can stay longer in life.


  1. Black Sapphire- It is an aluminum oxide mineral that usually forms in crystals. To absorb any light that hits them, these stone appears. They don’t reflect much light but they range from translucent to opaque in either case. It can change the color from blue-black to gray. It is exceptionally durable. It scores a 9 on the Moh’s hardness scale like other sapphires. Because of its dark color black sapphire is often confused with Black Onyx. It serves as a great look-like though it is harder than onyx. For everyday wear, the hardness of black sapphire makes it perfect.


  1. Padparadscha Sapphire- It comes under one of the rarest sapphires. When discovered usually becomes an absolute favorite while these extremely rare stones are unknown to most. Almost no other colored stone compares to this unique mix of pink and orange and they are strikingly beautiful. The color range of padparadscha sapphire falls within a mix of 2 colors- pink and orange. This word is originated from ancient Sanskrit words used to describe the color of a tropical lotus flower. Padparadscha sapphire are rivaled by no other gemstone species or color substitute and it is one of the rarest gemstones of the world.


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